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As a full-service podiatric practice with two on-site operating rooms, About Feet Podiatry Center can provide comprehensive care under one roof. This state-of-the-art practice is centered in the heart of Exton, Pennsylvania.

Because About Feet Podiatry Center provides such personalized care, patients can receive the highly effective, integrative, conservative, or surgical treatments they need to experience optimal pain relief. Most patients don’t need to come back for follow-up care once their treatment is complete.

The team takes pride in offering a comfortable, warm, and welcoming office experience. Not only does About Feet Podiatry Center offer flexible scheduling throughout the week, they can also often accommodate same-day appointments when needed.



About Feet is the best! I’ve had foot surgery here that turned out perfectly and also am a regular for trimming. No more pedicures for me! My feet have never looked or felt better.

Wanda B.

Dr Jason Hearn is the best doctor ever. I was nerves before my surgery but his bed side manner put me at ease. Came out of the surgery feeling happy and positive.

Ashi M.

In 2020 I had Achilles tendon repair. It was a long recovery but Dr. P did a great job with the surgery plus the after care was regular and good. I always felt that I was cared for as a person, not just a foot.
This year I had an infected toenail which I thought was bruised and let it go too long. It was starting to come off on the side. I went in to have it looked at, was told it was essentially a dead nail and should be removed. They did the procedure immediately instead of making me wait. It’s been just a week and all seems good. Had a follow-up today and will have another one in three weeks. I was thoroughly informed on what I should do and what to expect.
Highly recommend.

Karen M.

I thought that I was going to have to retire early because of my foot pain. Dr Piscorski performed surgery on both feet and I am ecstatic about the results. I have no more pain in either foot, and I’m sure this is going to extend my ability to continue employment for the next few years.


Dr.Piskorski is a amazing foot doctor. I had 3 foot surgery from and I haven’t had any trouble with the results.. I will always go to office and what the best for each individual that comes to him

Thank You Dr.P.

Jennifer K.

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About Feet Podiatry Center regularly cares for patients who struggle with common foot and ankle issues, including fungus toenails, athlete’s foot, ingrown toenails, corns and calluses, and more. But they can also help with more complex issues, such as diabetic foot ulcers, sports injuries, foot or ankle fractures, or severe ankle sprains, to name a few.

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